#Run1 Recap- Welcome to the Run with Me Kids Community!

We wanted to take a few minutes to thank the many families who participated in the first ever #Run1 event.  We appreciate you joining our online community.  One of our goals at RWMK is to create an environment for parents who want guidance, inspiration, and information on running with kids.  Our mission is to bring parents and kids together through running and staying active while promoting fitness and health, growing relationships and teaching invaluable life skills.

On January 1, families across the country participated in our first virtual family running event.  We encouraged families to run/ walk one mile or do something active together.  Run with Me Kids joined forces with Cassie from Run with My Girl who created a Facebook event for Run1.

Below is a handful of pictures from the 2015 Run1 event.  What a great way to kick off the new year!


Way to go Amanda (aka Miss Zippy!)


Making it a family event! Thanks Amanda!


Way to get out there with the jogging stroller Anna!


Ashley and her family went for a hike in the Smoky Mountains!


Beverly and her son went for a New Year’s run together too!


Love the running pics Casey!


It looks like Cassie and her kids had a great New Year’s run together!


Cindy and her crew enjoyed the outdoors on 1-1!


Her New Year’s resolution was to run a half mile- she ran a whole mile! Thanks for sharing this Dina!


Look at that big smile! Thanks for sharing these pictures Holly!

Jana and Meg

This was truly a group effort! Two families joined forces and ran together for a very memorable 1-1 run! Thanks Jana & Meg for sharing this with us.


Looks like a beautiful day for a run! Thank you Joann!


Way to go Katie and boys!


Kerri and her crew started the year with a hike together!


Leslie and her son were able to get some fresh air together.


Love the energy Natalie and her girls had for this run together!


Sheryl and her family started the year with a vacation AND a race! Great idea!


Love this picture Tarasa sent in of her little runner! Looks like she knows what she’s doing!


Skiing is an excellent outdoor exercise activity to do as a family! Thanks for the pictures Tema!


Tia and kids getting in a family run together before the rain!


Way to go Tiffani and son! Look at those smiles!


Zita and her family enjoyed lots of running around which included a trip to the park!

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! We look forward to making this an annual event.